The Beginning of the Student Activities Committee

Student Activities Committee at UHProm 2019

Spearheaded by our Student Activities Coordinator, the Student Activities Committee plans events and activities that enrich the Honors experience and strengthen our community.

Noticing that there should be more student activities for our Honors students, UHP enlisted Alisha Hacker to put together the Student Activities Committee (SAC). The committee, consisting of students from a diverse range of years, majors, and even UHP entry types, was created in Winter 2019. It was important to have a wide range of UHP students in order to represent the diverse population of UHP and to bring in new perspectives that ensured no UHP student was left out.

“[We all] share a desire to make the Honors experience the best that it can possibly be.” - Alisha Hacker

Currently, SAC consists of 9 students; from first-years to fourth-years majoring in Music to Psychology to Animal Sciences. Since Winter quarter, they have met weekly and focused on team building and event planning, and are responsible for the very successful UHProm held in Spring quarter.

Student Activities Committee 2019
From left to right: Nicholas Archibald, Junna Faessel, Lauren Yen, Maya Sahtout, Isabella Loomis Howard, Alisha Hacker, Marjan Moghaddam, Grant Cottier. Not pictured: August Ray

UHProm, as the name suggests, is a prom for UHP students. The event was held in the Student Community Center and allowed students to bust out their old prom dress, or buy new formal attire, and let them dance, eat, and socialize the night away. Leading up to the event were various work nights, where the committee thought of new ideas, budgeted, crafted decorations, and more. Despite the rainy weather forecast, there were more than 160 RSVPs and guests said they had lots of fun.

Besides UHProm, the committee worked to put on study halls during finals week and brainstormed new events for the next school year. Their goal is to have 2-3 events per quarter, and one large event in Spring. While they ran into some bumps in the road when spearheading this new committee, the Student Activities Committee worked very hard creating events to enrich the UHP experience and build community. They were quite successful in doing so!

If you’d like to be involved in the Student Activities Committee, the application will most likely reopen in the Fall.