• Associate Vice Provost Eric Rauchway welcomes the UHP Class of 2015

  • Third year Honors students present their research project at the fall convocation.

  • Honors students meet with Volker Steger, photographer of the “Sketches of Science: Photo Sessions with Nobel Laureates” exhibition.

  • UHP Students with Chancellor Katehi

    Chancellor Katehi talks with University Honors Program Students at the Showcase of Excellence.

  • Students chatting outside Currant Hall

    First-year UHP students live in Currant Hall, a brand new residence hall.

  • Exterior of Currant Hall

    The new Tercero complex, home to Currant Hall and the first-year honors class. Located in the heart of campus, the Honors residence hall is a short bike ride from the quad, downtown Davis, the Arboretum, the stadium, and lecture halls.

  • UHP Students dressed in Star Wars costumes

    UHP students dressed the part for a performance of the One Man Trilogy performance at the Mondavi Center.

The experience of a small college
the opportunities of a world-class research university
The Best of Both Worlds

UHP: the Best of Both Worlds

UHP: the Best of Both Worlds

Honors students at UC Davis are doing great things.

The University Honors Program at UC Davis is designed to offer the classroom experience of a selective liberal arts college with the resources and opportunities of a world-class research university. First-year students have the option of living in dedicated student housing, and first and second-years benefit from small classes taught by select faculty. As students advance in their studies, they discover research opportunities. Fourth-years can select from a range of enhanced honors projects that dovetail with their majors and goals.

Building a community of exceptional students

Trombone player at an Honors reception

Dorm life with fellow honors students offers a community where you can connect through shared classes and interests.  Whether you want to get a team together for inner tube water polo; play board games in the common room at all hours; improvise a bluegrass band; go out to dinner or attend an ice cream social; rock climb at the local gym or Lake Tahoe's crags, share your art in a UHP exhibit; or LARP in the Death Star at midnight, you’ll find friends who want to join you.

Accessing Faculty and Exploring Opportunities

Faculty mentoring

Honors students have access to special academic programs and events. You might redesign coffee in a chemical engineering seminar, or grow mushrooms in a mold and fungi class; converse with distinguished speakers in the green room at the Mondavi Center; go on a scavenger hunt in the Bay Area as part of a seminar; or study abroad in a seminar for honors students led by UC Davis faculty.

Making a Difference with Research and Projects

Larissa Miyachi

Wherever your passions lie, there's work to be done and knowledge to gain.  Research a cancer therapy with fluorescent dyes and nanoparticles.   Intern in a research lab at the Center for Mind and Brain, Hewlett-Packard, or a Congressional office.   Craft beer in our unique lab with a national expert.  Work with a team to create an award-winning business plan for a  women's shelter, or a system to degrade plastics.

Achieving Top Honors and Going On to Great Things

Honors student Kirstin Woody in Switzerland

Honors Program alumni have been awarded fifteen of the past seventeen University Medals - the highest honor UC Davis bestows.  Our grads have gone on to Ph.D. programs at Ivy League universities, medical school at Harvard and Stanford,  and management in major corporations.