Incoming First-Year Students

UHP 2017 Honors Welcome

A Living-Learning Community

During the first-year, honors students live in the Honors Living-Learning Community (LLC). Located in the newest residence halls on campus, the Honors community gives students a place to develop friendships and work collaboratively outside the classroom environment.  Students live among a group of similarly high-achieving and motivated peers who are registered in related courses, allowing for a strong social foundation that many students keep throughout their college years and beyond. In addition to building a close-knit community, the honors living experience provides a fun, intellectual, and supportive environment, while encouraging active leadership and campus involvement. Honors residents can participate in an abundance of social events, workshops, mixers with professors, and even some Honors Courses!  

If you have any questions about living in the Honors residence hall, please contact us.


UHP Living-Learning Community Student Experiences


UHP Residents decided to go out to the Mondavi Center to see the LA Philharmonic
UHP Residents decided to go out to the Mondavi Center to see the LA Philharmonic

Being in the University Honors Program LLC has been such a blessing, and I can't imagine not living with my UHP peers. Before officially attending UC Davis, I had debated whether or not to stay in the UHP LLC. However, I am incredibly glad that I did. If I ever need help, I live in a building full of the most brilliant freshmen minds on campus, and everyone is always so willing to help, too. We've had socials where everyone brings their instrument, and we have a mini concert on the second floor lounge. If you are debating whether or not to accept the invitation to live in the UHP LLC, take it from someone who had the same dilemma-- deciding to live in the Honors building was one of the best decisions I have made in my academic career thus far.
- Kathryn S.



UHP residents hang out and study together since they are all in classes together
UHP residents hang out and study together since they are all in classes together

At the University Honors Program LLC, I am surrounded with well-rounded individuals who excel in academics. This community has provided me incredible support. Whenever I am struggling on anything academic - from finding the derivatives to writing an essay - I can just go next door and ask for help. Additionally, study groups are formed on my floor to study for both our honors and regular classes. This encouraging community has helped me grow. I would recommend joining an LLC because it helped me create friendships with students who have similar priorities, interests, and goals.
- Dana B.




UHP helps develop deep, lasting friendships
UHP helps develop deep, lasting friendships

Being a part of the UHP LLC is great because it makes it easier to find friends when you’re guaranteed to share a class with some of the people on your floor. Honors courses are also smaller so it helps encourage you to meet the person next to you and participate in class discussions. At first it may seem hard to find friends but that’s how everybody feels. Being surrounded by likeminded individuals, however, practically guarantees that you’ll find your niche in UHP. I have grown as an individual with this program by pushing myself to succeed and try harder academically.
- Kelly N.