First-Year Student Admissions


A Living-Learning Community

During the first-year, honors students live in the Honors Living-Learning Community (LLC). Located in the Tercero residence halls on campus, the Honors community gives students a place to develop friendships and work collaboratively outside the classroom environment.  Students live among a group of similarly high-achieving and motivated peers who are registered in related courses, allowing for a strong social foundation that many students keep throughout their college years and beyond. In addition to building a close-knit community, the honors living experience provides a fun, intellectual, and supportive environment, while encouraging active leadership and campus involvement. Honors residents can participate in an abundance of social events, workshops, mixers with professors, and even some Honors Courses


Have you been offered admission to UHP and want more information?  Check out our page for incoming first-year students to learn more about confirming your spot in UHP and Orientation.


Frequently Asked Questions about Currant Hall
  • Is living in Currant Hall, the honors Living-Learning Community (LLC), required?
  • Yes, we require that incoming Honors students live in Currant Hall, the UHP living-learning community, as it is one of the central elements of the Honors experience. Living in Currant Hall with your Honors peers during your first year provides you a great foundation of community at Davis during your transition to the university. Living in Currant Hall does not mean that you will be isolated from the rest of campus; most Honors students are very involved in the many organizations, sports, and communities at Davis.

    Students may opt out of this scenario for religious reasons, living at home, or living in another LLC. Incoming first-year students should contact if that is the case.
  • Can I have a roommate who is not in UHP live with me in Currant?
  • Unfortunately, the space in Currant Hall is limited and priority goes to incoming Honors students. Under rare circumstances students not in UHP may live in Currant but we are not able to guarantee any such roommate accommodations. For inquiries contact us at
  • For how many years do Honors students live in Currant Hall?
  • Honors students only live in Currant during their first year at UC Davis. After their first year, students move into apartments, second-year university housing, or other housing options. Students who choose to become Resident Advisors (RAs) may live and work in Currant Hall for an additional year.
  • What is it like to live in Currant Hall?
  • Currant Hall is part of the Tercero Residence Hall Area, the most centrally located housing area on campus. Approximately 200 first-year students live on the four floors of Currant Hall. For more information about what it’s like to live in Currant Hall, watch our Currant Hall Video.