Two UHP Students at Fall Kickoff 2021

First-Year Student Admissions

Congratulations on your admittance to UC Davis and UHP!

This page serves as the information hub for first-year students admitted to the University Honors Program (UHP).  Many of our FAQs are included here for your reference.  If you have any questions about your participation in UHP, email us at

A Living-Learning Community

During the first-year, UHP students live in the honors Living-Learning Community (LLC). Located in the Tercero residence halls on campus, the honors community gives students a place to develop friendships and work collaboratively outside the classroom environment.  Students live among a group of similarly high-achieving and motivated peers who are registered in related courses, allowing for a strong social foundation that many students keep throughout their college years and beyond. In addition to building a close-knit community, the honors living experience provides a fun, intellectual, and supportive environment, while encouraging active leadership and campus involvement. Honors residents can participate in an abundance of social events, workshops, mixers with professors, and even some Honors Courses!  For more information on our living-learning community visit our FAQ's.


Have you accepted admission to UC Davis and UHP and want more information?  Check out our page for incoming first-year students to learn more about next steps.


Frequently Asked Questions about UHP
  • How do I get into UHP?
  • UHP admission for first-year students is by invitation and offered at the point of admission to the campus. Selection is based on holistic review of the UC common application.
  • Why should I join UHP?
  • There are many reasons to join UHP from the small, interactive honors classes with superb faculty, to the enthusiastic and high-achieving community of honors peers, to the supportive and knowledgeable staff. Throughout the four-year honors curriculum, students are able to grow and tackle new challenges such as research and leadership positions that prepare them for their future career.

    UHP provides a great support system for students as they transition to the university as well as a long-lasting community throughout your four years at UC Davis. There are also additional perks you receive such as priority registration, extended library privileges, and honors transcript notation.
  • How do I accept my admission to UHP?
  • Steps to Admission
  • What does priority class registration mean?
  • UHP students register during the first day of registration for all quarters they are active in the program.  Priority registration begins in fall for winter quarter registration.
  • What is the UHP curriculum?
  • UHP is a four-year program; students take honors classes in their first and second years, participate in a research preparation workshop series and explore career paths through volunteering and an individual project in their third year, and complete a signature work in their fourth year.
  • Are honors classes harder than non-honors classes?
  • No! Honors classes are smaller and often more interactive and discussion-based than typical large-lecture style classes here at UC Davis. This means that you will have a lot more interaction with your professor and peers than in other non-honors classes. While this may be different than other classes on campus, the workload is about the same as non-honors classes.
  • Can I participate in UHP if I plan to double major/minor, or am pre-health and have a full schedule already?
  • Of course! UHP students are often enthusiastic and high achieving students, many of our students complete double majors, add on minors, or are pre-professional students. With priority registration and the help of our UHP advisors, honors students can develop the best schedule to fit their goals for their undergraduate education. The UHP curriculum is not meant to be an added stress to an already full schedule; honors classes often fulfill GE or major requirements while the third and fourth year requirements are intended to support students in whatever endeavors they are interested in. For example, pre-vet students can volunteer at a veterinary clinic for their third year volunteer requirement and double majors can develop a signature work that combines their interests!
  • Is there a minimum GPA requirement to stay in UHP?  What happens if I have a low GPA one quarter?
  • UHP's annual, minimum University of California (UC) GPA is 3.25 to remain in good program standing.  If you have experience difficulty one quarter you still have the rest of the academic year to raise your GPA. Our advisors are here to support you, we can discuss study strategies, resources for your mental well-being, or other changes to help you improve.
Frequently Asked Questions about Currant Hall
  • Is living in Currant Hall, the UHP Living-Learning Community (LLC), required?
  • Yes, we require that incoming UHP students live in Currant Hall, the UHP living-learning community, as it is one of the central elements of the UHP experience. Living in Currant Hall with your peers during your first year provides you a great foundation of community at Davis during your transition to the university. Living in Currant Hall does not mean that you will be isolated from the rest of campus; most UHP students are very involved in the many organizations, sports, and communities at Davis.

    Students may opt out of this scenario for religious reasons, living at home, or living in another LLC. Incoming first-year students should contact if that is the case.
  • Can I have a roommate who is not in UHP live with me in Currant?
  • Unfortunately, the space in Currant Hall is limited and priority goes to incoming UHP students.
  • For how many years do UHP students live in Currant Hall?
  • UHP students only live in Currant during their first year at UC Davis. After their first year, students move into apartments, second-year university housing, or other housing options. Students who choose to become Community Advisors (CAs) may live and work in Currant Hall for an additional year.
  • What is it like to live in Currant Hall?
  • Currant Hall is part of the Tercero Residence Hall Area, the most centrally located housing area on campus. Approximately 200 first-year students live on the four floors of Currant Hall. For more information about what it’s like to live in Currant Hall, watch our Currant Hall Video.