SHAPE Courses

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In 2019, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded UC Davis a $600,000 grant to support the 3-year pilot project, SHAPE Science, Humanities and Arts: Process and Engagement

In partnership with University Honors, First-Year Seminars and the Davis Humanities Institute, SHAPE was developed in response to Mellon’s invitation to “create new curricular and research models…demonstrating the significance of the performing arts to the teaching and research mission of your university.”  SHAPE will pilot a new approach within the undergraduate curriculum, built around team-taught courses in which students will encounter the humanities, arts, science and engineering, integrated to express and examine the power that each of these holds as means of responding to our world and addressing critical issues.


About SHAPE honors courses
  • SHAPE courses will be taught by faculty teams comprised of one arts/humanities faculty and one science/engineering faculty
    • Thanks to the Mellon Foundation, each SHAPE faculty will receive full funding for teaching their course
  • There are two types of SHAPE courses: First-Year Seminars or Honors courses
  • To teach a SHAPE honors course, interested faculty teams must first submit a proposal to the SHAPE steering committee. Courses submitted through the UHP Course Proposal process before being approved as a SHAPE cannot later become a SHAPE.
  • Once approved to teach a SHAPE honors course, University Honors Program directors Dave Furlow and Eddy Ruiz will guide faculty teams through the UHP course proposal process


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