2017 College of Engineering Honors Welcome Event

UHP Curriculum

Honors Academics 

The University Honors Program recruits and supports the highest potential students at the University, and provides them with challenging and enriching curricular and co-curricular experiences. The program supports honors sections of existing departmental courses, which are led by experienced, and ever increasingly, award winning faculty.


UHP Grade Point Average (GPA)

UHP’s annual, minimum University of California (UC) GPA is 3.25 to remain in good program standing.  Our GPA goal for students remains a 3.5 and above to gain access to faculty mentored departmental thesis programs and/or transcript designation awarding honors, high honors, and highest honors in many majors.  This goal also includes increased professional and graduate school admission and post-graduate fellowships success.

UHP reviews academic outcomes quarterly and annually examines student performance after the conclusion of the Spring term.  Participants who have obtained a cumulative UC GPA of 3.25 or greater and have completed their honors curriculum for the academic year are eligible to receive transcript notation and continue their program participation.


UHP Appeal Process

Honors participants who have not attained a UC cumulative GPA of 3.250 or better by the end of the Spring quarter may be eligible to appeal to remain in the program.  Appeal opportunities will be extended to eligible students below the 3.250 GPA requirement depending on GPA and other factors.  Appeals notices are sent during the summer to students' UC Davis email address, and a two-week period is granted to respond.

UHP leadership considers the following appeal factors in addition to the cumulative UC GPA:

  • Honors coursework completion
  • Honors program engagement (e.g., event attendance, advising)
  • Projected UC GPA 3.250 attainability
  • Other mitigating circumstances

Individuals who successfully appeal will continue their honors education and participate in program advising and a contract agreement to ensure they are aware of available campus resources supported by the program to thrive.  Appeal students who do not complete their guidelines will be dismissed from the program.

UHP Second Appeal Process

A second honors appeal is not guaranteed.  Only second and third-year participants will be considered based on highly unusual or extenuating circumstances only.  Appeals notices are sent during the summer by email (@ucdavis.edu), and a two-week period is granted to respond.

UHP leadership considers the above appeal criteria, including following variables:

  • Honors appeal advising and contract completions
  • Extenuating circumstances

Individuals granted a second appeal will continue their honors education and participate in a program contract that includes meetings with the program leadership.  A minimum UC GPA of 3.25 and the completion of all annual honors requirements must be completed to continue participation.  No further appeals are extended.