Honors Contracts

Nicole Sitkin, Honors Graduate and University Medalist

The UHP Honors Contract

The Honors Contract allows students to create an independent project to augment an Upper Division Course that they have successfully completed or are currently taking. The goal of the Honors Contract is to enrich the class experience by allowing students to initiate a custom course of study under the mentorship of a faculty member. Contracts with lower division courses require Director approval and must be attached to a UHP course or a class limited to thirty students.

The Contract is customized to the selected course, and can take the form of a short research project, a literary review, a survey study, a work of art - any project that builds on the course’s subject area and involves independent initiative. For additional guidance on acceptable topics, review the Examples of Topics and Final Products document or contact one of our Honors advisors.


Submission Deadline

To gain approval for an Honors Contract, you must submit an Honors Contract Proposal Form to UHPproposals@ucdavis.edu by 5:00 p.m. on the proposal deadline. Honors Contract proposals are due on the last day of instruction of the Quarter preceding the contract, the week before finals. Contracts will be reviewed during finals week and students will be notified of their CRN or proposal revisions soon after.