Mission, Vision, Values, & Goals

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University Honors Program Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals

Our Mission

UHP facilitates experiential educational opportunities to increase student’s capacity for: intellectual risk-taking, leadership in a diverse and complex world, and action on behalf of positive social change.

Our Vision

Through a small, liberal arts college setting, coupled with the resources and opportunities of a large world-class research university, we offer an enriched multidisciplinary undergraduate education that actively engages critical thinking, affective learning, and interpersonal expression. We encourage personal transformation agency through individual and group awareness, and an ability to critique and provide solutions to systemic issues. We believe that this constructive ethos embodies tomorrow’s leaders.


  1. Develop an expansion plan that considers transfer, on-campus admit, and traditional first-year students, encompassing all three program entry points.
  2. Provide a series of non-academic and experiential community building activities to further enrich the UC Davis honors experience.
  3. Develop a UHP advising handbook and a reporting and tracking system for program analytics informing early outreach to students meeting GPA of individual course challenges.
  4. Increase the number of UHP courses offered with emphasis on courses from new areas that challenge students to move out of their comfort zones.
  5. Increase the diversity of UHP faculty to help students gain confidence to engage and appreciate new ideas and points of view.
  6. Maintain strong program persistence with particular attention to specific transitions.
  7. Develop new strategies to recruit the strongest classes possible for Regents and UHP that reflects the diversity of the institution.
  8. Convene a regular meeting of current and past honors leadership, staff, faculty, and students to increase alumni outreach.