Matthias Hess

Animal Science and Chicano/a Studies Faculty Win 2021 UHP Outstanding Faculty Awards

Every year, the University Honors Program invites students to nominate UC Davis faculty for Faculty Mentorship and Outstanding Teaching Awards. These are our 2021 winners.

2021 Faculty Mentorship Award: Dr. Matthias Hess, Associate Professor of Animal Science

Matthias Hess
2021 Faculty Mentorship Award Recipient, Dr. Matthias Hess 

The UHP Faculty Mentorship Award is awarded to a UC Davis faculty member for providing outstanding mentorship to a UHP student. An outstanding mentor is one who is accessible, impactful, and has played a significant role in at least one UHP student's undergraduate career. This year’s recipient is Dr. Matthias Hess, an associate professor in the Department of Animal Science and the leader of the Hess Lab.

Dr. Hess was nominated by a UHP student whom he mentored for a year while they pursued their senior honors thesis in the Animal Science major. He is being acknowledged for being a responsive, helpful, and impactful mentor. Dr. Hess provided this student with accurate advice about the major/field, provided and connected them with opportunities, and motivated and challenged them. He has gone above and beyond in helping to get this student’s project off the ground, providing advice, and making them feel like a worthwhile member of his lab.

2020-2021 Outstanding Teaching Award: Dr. Natalia Deeb-Sossa, Professor of Chicano/a Studies

Natalia Deeb-Sossa
2021 Outstanding Teaching Award: Dr. Natalia Deeb-Sossa

The UHP Outstanding Teaching Award is awarded to a UC Davis faculty member who taught at least one UHP course in the 2020-2021 academic year. This faculty member is nominated by first & second year UHP students for their outstanding teaching in this course. This year's recipient is Dr. Natalia Deeb-Sossa, professor in the Department of Chicano/a Studies.

Dr. Deeb-Sossa taught CHI 114 – Women of color Reproductive Health & Reproductive Politics in a Global Perspective in Winter Quarter 2021. Profesora Deeb-Sossa is described by Andrea Aponte, a second year UHP student, as “one of the most compassionate and intelligent I have had at UC Davis”. She is being acknowledged for conveying ideas about women’s reproductive rights in such a passionate and scholarly manner. 

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