Capstone Courses

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Not all majors have capstone or thesis course codes. If your major is one of these departments, you have the option to complete your capstone through the University Honors Program by doing either a Capstone Project (minimum 2 quarters of HNR 195) or a Thesis through UHP (minimum 2 quarters of HNR 195). You may also work with faculty in your department to complete 2-3 quarters of your department's 199 course that is of research or capstone project rigor.


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  • Majors that do not have a thesis course code within their department
  • African American Studies (L&S)
    Agricultural and Environmental Education (CAES)

    Art Studio (L&S)
    Atmospheric Science (CAES)
    Clinical Nutrition (CAES)
    Entomology and Nematology (CAES)
    Fiber and Polymer Science  (CAES)
    Food Science (CAES)
    Food Science and Technology (CAES)
    Human Development (CAES)
    Humanities (L&S)
    Hydrology (CAES)
    Land, Air, and Water Resources (CAES)
    Nutrition Science (CAES)
    Science and Technology Studies (L&S)
    Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems (CAES)
    Sustainable Environmental Design (CAES)
    Textiles and Clothing (L&S)
    Viticulture and Enology (CAES)
    Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology (CAES)


  • Alphabetical list of majors which offer a thesis in the major option. Please consult with your major advisor for details on enrollment in your major's thesis course.
  • American Studies (L&S) - AMS 190A-B
    Animal Biology (CAES) - ABI 187, 189, 189D
    Animal Genetics (CAES) - ANS 194HA-C
    Animal Science (CAES) - ANS 194HA-C
    Animal Science and Management (CAES) - ARE 194H
    Anthropology (L&S) - ANT 194H
    Art History (L&S) - AHI 194H
    Asian American Studies (L&S) - ASA 194, 195
    BioChemistry & Molecular Biology (CBS) - MCB 194H
    Biological and Agricultural Engineering (ENG) - EBS 190C

    Biological Sciences (CBS) - BIS 194H
    Biomedical Engineering (ENG) - BIM 110A-110B
    Biotechnology (CAES) - BIT 194H
    Cell Biology (CBS) - MCB 194H
    Chemistry (L&S) - CHE 194HA-HC
    Chicana/Chicano Studies  (L&S) - CHI 194HA-HC
    Cinema & Technocultural Studies (L&S) - FMS 194H-195H, or 194H-196H
    Classics (L&S) - CLA 194HA-HB
    Cognitive Science (L&S) - CGS 194HA-HB
    Communication (L&S) - CMN 198 & 194H

    Community and Regional Development (CAES) - CRD 194HA-HB
    Comparative Literature (L&S) - COM 194H
    Computer Science (L&S) - ECS 193A-B
    Design (L&S) - DES 194HA-HB
    Earth and Planetary Sciences (CAES) - GEL 194HA-HB
    East Asian Languages and Cultures (L&S) - CHN 194H or JPN 194H
    East Asian Studies (L&S) - EAS 194H, 196A-B
    Ecological Management and Restoration (CAES) - PLS 194H
    Economics (L&S) - ECN 194HA-HB
    Engineering: Biological Systems (ENG) - EBS 170B-170C
    Engineering: Chemical and Materials Science  (ENG) - ECM 194HA-HC
    Engineering: Civil and Environmental (ENG) - ECI 136
    Engineering: Computer Science (ENG) - ECS 193A-B
    Engineering: Electrical and Computer Engineering  (ENG) - EEC 193A-B, 195A-B
    English (L&S) - ENL 195H
    Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry (CAES) - PLS 194H
    Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning (CAES) - ESM 194H
    Environmental Science and Management (CAES) - ESM 194H
    Environmental Science and Policy (CAES) - ESM 194H
    Environmental Toxicology (CAES) - ETX 194HA-HB, 194HC
    Evolution and Ecology (CBS) - EVE 194HA-HC
    Film Studies (L&S) - FMS 194H ; FMS 195H
    French  (L&S) - FRE 194H; FRE 195H
    Genetics & Genomics (CBS) - MCB 194H

    Geology (L&S) - GEL 194HA-HB
    German (L&S) - GER 194HA-HB
    Global Disease Biology (CAES) - GDB 187, 189 & 189D
    Hebrew (L&S) - CLA 194HA-HB 
    Hindi-Urdu (L&S) - CLA 194HA-HB
    History (L&S) - HIS 104B-C
    International Agricultural Development (CAES) - PLS 194H
    International Relations (L&S) - IRE 194HA-HB
    Italian (L&S) - ITA 194H; ITA 195H

    Landscape Architecture (CAES) - LDA 193A-B
    Latin (L&S) - CLA 194HA-HB
    Linguistics (L&S) - LIN 194H
    Managerial Economics (CAES) - ARE 194HA-B
    Marine and Coastal Science (CBS) - EVE 194HA-HC
    Mathematics (L&S) - MAT 194
    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (ENG) - EME 185A-B
    Medieval & Early Modern Studies (L&S) - MST 190
    Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (CBS) - MIC 194H
    Middle East/South Asia Studies (L&S) - MSA 194H
    Music (L&S) - MUS 194HA-HB
    Native American Studies (L&S) - NAS 194HA-HB
    Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior (CBS) - NPB 194HA-HC
    Philosophy (L&S) - PHI 194HA-HB
    Physics (L&S) - PHY 194HA-HB
    Plant Biology (CBS) - PLB 194H
    Plant Sciences (CAES) - PLS 194H
    Political Science (L&S) - POL 194HA-HB
    Psychology (L&S) - PSC 194HA-HB
    Religious Studies (L&S) - RST 194HA-HB
    Russian (L&S) - RUS 194H; RUS 195H
    Sociology (L&S) - SOC 194H; SOC 195HB
    Spanish (L&S) - SPA 194H
    Statistics (L&S) - STA 194HA-HB
    Technocultural Studies (L&S) - FMS 194H-195H, or 194H-196H
    Theater and Dance (Dramatic Art) (L&S) - DRA 194HA-HB
    Women and Gender Studies (L&S) - WMS 194HA-HB