Student Perspectives

Julia Cohen

“Although I wish I took more advantage of living in the UHP dorm and socializing with other UHP members, I still had many great experiences in my UHP classes, especially in Design of Coffee (ECM1) where the professors seem to be the most interactive with the honors lab section. It’s a lot of fun having one-on-one conversations with esteemed professors over a cup of coffee you’ve just roasted and brewed yourself.”

                                                            - Julia Cohen

                                                              2nd Year Animal Biology Major

Wesley Chan

“For me, the honors courses were the best part about the UHP. I was lucky enough to be able to take a very small close-knit introductory Statistics course my first quarter in Davis, which led me to choose the subject as my second major. Of course, priority registration wasn’t too bad either!”

                                                            - Wesley Chan

                                                              3rd Year Economics & Statistics Major         

Elias Heffan

“My best experience had been meeting with Heidi periodically for major advising, class selection, and just general questions. She is always so helpful: I always leave her office feeling much more confident about what direction to go next than when I came in.”

                                                            - Elias Heffan

                                                              1st Year Undeclared Major

Maria Vang

“Not being able to sign up for the classes you need stinks and being waitlisted is even worse. I love having priority registration because I don’t need to waste time looking for different classes and can have my schedule done in one click of a button.”

                                                            - Maria Vang

                                                              3rd Year Physics Major

Interesting Facts

Around seventy-five percent of UHP students join their first year, eighteen percent join their second year, and seven percent join their third year. UHP students say that some of the benefits that they like most about the UHP program is: early pass time, smaller class sizes, transcript notation, better interaction with professors, and meeting new people. During their time in UHP, fifty percent of students take 1-3 UHP courses, forty percent of students take 4-6 UHP courses, and ten percent of students take 7-10 UHP courses. While most courses that UHP students take aren’t relevant to their majors this is intentional. The UHP program is designed to make students explore areas outside of their field of study. Some of the most popular UHP courses include: UHP’s Project Management Course, Environmental Ethics, Design of Coffee, and Music in American Culture. Additionally, ninety percent of UHP students say that they would recommend UHP to their friends.