Peer Mentors

Jefferson Chhen

  • 2nd Year
  • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Jefferson is from Sacramento, CA and is still deciding on a career. Jefferson's personal interests include tennis, ping pong, working out, hiking, anime, boba, and sleeping. On campus Jefferson is involved in the Leader's Scholar Program. Click Jefferson's picture to learn more!

Tara Falt

  • 3rd Year
  • Animal Science
Tara is from Anaheim, CA and as long as she's working with animals for her career she'll be happy! Personal interests include tacos, Harry Potter, playing intramural soccer, burritos from Guads, naps, horses, tech theatre, and making memories. On campus Tara can often be found at the Horse Barn - because she lives there! Tara is also a member of the professional agricultural sorority Sigma Alpha and is training to be a large animal vet tech at the UC Davis Vet Med teaching hospital. Click Tara's picture to learn more!

Megan Harmon

  • 2nd Year
  • Animal Science
Megan is from San Diego, CA and plans to become a veterinarian. Personal interests include the French horn, R&B music, dance, boba, and goats. On campus Megan is involved in band and the Vet Aide Club, and is an Animal Science Facility intern. Click Megan's picture to learn more!

Hunter Lazar

  • 3rd Year
  • Human Development
Hunter is from Carsbad, CA and plans to become a pediatrician. Personal interests include hanging out with friends, playing video games (Smash Bros.), and watching Netflix. On campus, Hunter is a peer advisor for Human Development, part of Adventist Christian Fellowship, and does research in a lab. Click Hunter's picture to learn more!

Sonia Lee

  • 3rd Year
  • Design
  • Japanese minor
Sonia is from SoCal and Taiwan and plans to become either a fashion designer or a Japanese translator/interpreter. Personal interests include ice skating, watching anime and Marvel movies, reading novels and mangas, and eating/tea. On campus, Sonia is involved in the UC Davis Figure Skating Club and FADS (Fashion and Design Society), and likes to attend campus events such as Picnic Day and Whole Earth Festival. Click Sonia's picture to learn more!

Isabella Loomis Howard

  • 2nd Year
  • Animal Science
Isabella is from Rockville, Maryland and plans to become a veterinarian. Personal interests include animals, photography, skiing, and swimming. On campus, Isabella is involved in the UHP Student Activities Committee, the Regents Scholars Scoeity, Vet Aide Club, and Pre-vet Students Supporting Diversity. Click Isabella's picture to learn more!

Noah Marx

  • 3rd Year
  • Cell Biology
  • Computational Biology minor
Noah is from San Diego, CA and plans on a career as a bioinformatics researcher. Personal interests include reaching sci-fi/fantasy books, playing video games, and watching crime TV shows. On campus Noah is involved with undergraduate research and the Regent Scholars Society. Click on Noah's picture to learn more!

Noah McNaughton

  • 2nd Year
  • Animal Biology
  • Geology minor
Noah is from Bakersfield, CA and plans to become either a veterinarian or functional morphologist. Personal interests include basketball (Lakers!), track and field, video games, animals, geology, and fishing. On campus, Noah is the Director of Outreach for the Regent Scholars Society and a Research Intern in the Anthropology department. Noah is also involved in club track and field as well as the Davis Christian Fellowship. Click Noah's picture to learn more!

James Melkonian

  • 3rd Year
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Materials Science minor
James is from Carlsbad, CA and plans to go into the manufacturing industry. Personal interests include running, disc golf, singing, recreational sports, swing dancing, Star Wars, making food, eating food, board games, playing guitar, Linux and free software, reading, exploring music, nature and birds and trees. On campus, James is a bible study leader in The Navigators Christian Fellowship, an Events Coordinator for Davis Swing Dancers, and is an athlete on the club cross country team. Click James's picture to read more!

Alana (Allie) O'Brien

  • 2nd Year
  • Sociology
  • Political Science minor
Allie is from Washington, DC and plans on a career as a social activist. Personal interests include sports, singing/playing guitar, songwriting, and social activism. On campus Allie is a Campus Tour Guide and a Research Assistant in Human Sexuality, as well as being involved with the Cross Country and Track Club and Rec Sports. Click on Allie's picture to learn more!