Sukhdev Singh Mann

UHP Peer Mentor - Sukhdev Mann

Position Title
3rd Year

Biological Sciences
Public Health Sciences minor


Hometown: Elk Grove, CA

Future Career: Physician

Personal Interests: Reading, basketball, playing video games, playing musical instruments, spending time with pet rabbit and family.

Campus Involvement: BPSHI (student run clinic), UCDMC Internship, CURE (Research Seminar), Nishkam Sewa (President), UCD Health Related Internship.

How I can help you: As an incoming junior at UC Davis, I would be able to guide as you transition to your first year of college.  As a commuter, I understand the value of time and the need for an efficient course schedule.  Using the experience of the past two years I can give advice for planning courses through Schedule Builder.  Additionally, as a student interested in the health field, I would be able to recommend relevant clubs/organizations that can help supplement your classes as you prepare for a future health career.

When I started at UC Davis: For me I was nervous about being able to make new friends at college.  I was worried that as a commuter I would not be able to meet new people and make new friendships.  This struggle however was very brief, as I was able to meet new people in classes, discussions, and clubs that I joined.  I understand that having to start from scratch and meet new people can be difficult but through campus involvement, getting to know others is not hard at all.  Additionally, being in environments with students who are following similar career paths makes is easier to relate to fellow students, something that was not possible in high school.

I was excited about joining clubs/organizations and internships that are relevant to my planned career in the health field.  During my past two years I was able to join a student run clinic on campus, BPSHI, and a research group with Professor Gulacar.  Additionally, I am doing an internship at the UC Davis Medical Center in a Cancer Lab.  These experiences are exactly what I hoped for; they are eye opening and really give a sense for the key concepts in the health field.  Being able to work in health settings through these organizations and through the ICC internships helped give me personal experience of the health field.  This experience helped me to confirm that I would like to pursue a career in the health field.  Being able to have so many unique opportunities is what excited me the most when starting at UC Davis.

Advice for incoming first-year UHP students: The advice I would have for a first year UHP student is to appreciate each moment of your first year.  This is the year that will direct how you interact with campus the following three years.  It's important to do well in your classes so that you can establish good study methods for future classes.  Yet, not doing well in classes is okay too.  Being able to learn from your mistakes is the key to doing well in classes.  Additionally, I would advise that it's important to have fun.  Being able to join clubs/organizations on campus or spending time with friends is equally important; it allows students to stay grounded during stressful times of midterms and finals.  Having a balance of both is key to doing well at college.  Finally, it's important to recognize that each person is unique.  Because you may do worse than your peers in classes doesn't mean you can't succeed; you simply need to find the method that works best for you to excel on your exams.