Harjeet Kaur Mann

UHP Peer Mentor - Harjeet Mann

Position Title
3rd Year

Biological Sciences
Religious Studies & Public Health Sciences minors


Hometown: Elk Grove, CA

Future Career: Doctor

Personal Interests: Drawing, painting, scrapbooking, beadwork, playing with my pet bunny, baking, cooking, roller skating, going out for picnics.

Campus Involvement: Co-Founder and Vice President of Nishkam Sewa, Health Education Coordinator of student-run clinic BPSHI, UHP Student Activities Committee, Undergraduate Education in Chemistry Research, UCD Health Related Internships

How I can help you: As your Peer Mentor, I will be there to make sure your transition to UC Davis is as smooth as possible and to get you settled in for your first year. I can provide you assistance with course scheduling and tips on how to create a balanced schedule with major requirement courses and GEs. My regular visits with BASC advisors and HPA advisors have helped me schedule my own classes and make my four year plan so I understand how to finish my prerequisite courses for my major and for health professional school. I am aware of the requirements for the Honors Program and can help you select your UHP courses, do an Honors Contract, and start planning on your research project. As a regular commuter from Elk Grove, I have to keep a timely and organized schedule so I can fit in classes, office hours, extracurriculars, commuting, eating, and so much more! I would love to share my studying strategies and tips on staying organized with a plethora of things to manage in college. As a pre-health student, I am involved in a student run clinic and can provide details about the various clinics on campus along with the plethora of available organizations to get involved in! I will be there for you along every step of your journey when you need to check in for advice or a friend to talk to.

When I started at UC Davis: I was nervous about the large class size at UC Davis and doing well in my courses as they were prerequisites to future upper division classes. I was also nervous about the 45 minute commute from Elk Grove because it was a new lifestyle I would be adapting to from my local drive to high school. I was quite overwhelmed by scheduling courses initially because there were so many options and I was unsure how to find a path specific to my interests, but with time I was able to figure it all out!

I was very excited about getting involved in organizations that would help me grow as a leader and a future informed health professional. Deciding to follow my career path right before my freshman year in college, I was new to a lot of the opportunities and resources offered, but seeing the variety in UC Davis was encouraging and exciting! I was also thrilled to finally be taking courses that would get me closer to my dream of becoming a doctor after the many years of education spent in elementary-high school. Finally, being able to meet new people from diverse backgrounds was amazing because I learned so much about other cultures and how much we all have in common.

Advice for incoming first-year UHP students: My advice is to enjoy your first year at UC Davis and create an overall balanced year so that you can do well in your courses, fit in your hobbies, and get involved in on campus activities for experiences of your future career. Don't try to add in all your major courses right from the get go because you really want to understand yourself, your study habits, and how your transition to college is. Give yourself time to understand how UC Davis works and seek out the resources right from the beginning whether that's tutoring, advising, health and wellness, and so much more! Be sure to try new activities because there is so much opportunity in UC Davis, but remember to also have fun and take a break.