Cristina Avelar

Cristina Avelar

Position Title
2nd Year

  • Chicana/o Studies

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

Future Career: Public policy and/or community development

Personal Interests: Listening to music, dancing, window shopping, singing (though not well), and taking long walks.

Campus Involvement: Advancing Health Care Equity - Quarter at Aggie Square

How I can help you: As a peer mentor, I can help you work out an academic plan, and be a helping hand if you are ever working on any sort of application for professional development or anything else. More than anything, I am always open to hear any concerns you might have on your mind (school isn't the only thing you have to worry about!).

When I started at UC Davis: When I first started at Davis I was nervous about keeping up with my classes in the quarter system. I was also concerned about how I was going to figure out how to schedule in my GEs and my major classes, and explore a second major all in a timely manner and graduate on time. Plus, I was unsure how to reach out for help in such a large school and with so many students in one class. Given that all of my classes started on Zoom, I thought that being in class would be a super impersonal experience and that I would not be able to get help in a class if and when I needed it. While classes did seem disconnected at times, I was also immediately surprised at how open professors and TA’s are, and how eager they are to help. I have never once heard a professor or TA say they are unwilling to get a student the resources they need, be it information, a referral to a more knowledgable faculty member, or anything else. The hardest part is always reaching out. 

I was excited to explore new topics in school, and take classes that were solely focused on one specific topic to learn about in-depth as opposed to the much broader ranges of material covered in high school classes. There is such a wide range of individual classes within each major, and for the options you need to complete your GEs, and I found it super exciting to be studying classes that otherwise seemed to be “unconventional”.

Advice for incoming first-year UHP students: Make a plan and be willing to change it. It is good to have direction even when you are unsure about how to move forward, but as you learn more, take more classes, meet different people, your interests may change; recognizing that early will help you be able to navigate your courses much better. Also, take time for yourself! Never forget to feed your hobbies and interests, or take some time to relax.

Resources I've used on campus: Peer tutoring, Global Learning Hub, Aggie Square