Community Service and Internships

Jothika Tamizharasu

“I completed my UHP Year 3 Service Requirement by volunteering with the UC Davis student-run Imani Clinic. I initially began volunteering during the summer of 2015 but became a permanent volunteer in Spring 2016 and I have been volunteering since. As a volunteer, I work closely with patients and take vitals including blood pressure, temperature, and height/weight measures. In collaborating with UC Davis medical students and doctors, I help provide free quality healthcare to members of the underserved Oak Park (Sacramento) population. My experiences as an Imani volunteer have taught me so much about my desired profession and have allowed me to witness the lasting impact of community service.”

                                                           - Jothika T. Tamizharasu

                                                              4th Year Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior Major

Davia Knot

“I started interning at Wildlife Care Association my second year, Spring Quarter, and was an unpaid intern for almost a year.  In the summer, I worked in the nursery taking care of juvenile songbirds: feeding the hatchlings every 30 minutes, the older birds up to 3 hours apart, monitoring any health problems, cleaning cages, administering medications, and preparing diets.  During the fall and winter, when there are no baby birds, I worked in triage where adult animals are housed, treated more severely injured animals and learned more about wildlife rehabilitation and medicine in general. The next summer I was hired as a nursery staff to oversee and train volunteers and interns.  I worked three to four days a week starting in April until I left for a trip to South Africa in July. When I got back I was re-hired as triage staff for the 'slow season', and I have been working one or two days a week since November, but expect to be full-time starting April once more. I've worked at four wildlife rehabilitation centers, and while each one had its pros and cons, WCA had a wonderful set of volunteers and an amazing roster of home rehabbers that enable the facility to give top-notch care to the nearly six thousand animals we receive each year. Working there has reinforced my desire to pursue wildlife medicine as a career.”

                                                            - Davia Knot

                                                              4th Year Animal Sciences Major

Erik Braun

"To fulfill my third year UHP service requirement, I volunteered for 20 hours at the Aerospace Museum of California (AMC), on McClellan Air Force Base in Sacramento, CA. The museum hosts field trip tours for grade school kids on a regular basis and is a place to come look at the airplanes and learn more about the history of aviation. The museum has many volunteers, ranging from engineers to Air Force veterans, who all have a love and passion for flying. I chose to volunteer at the AMC for my service requirement because I wanted to find a place that would be connected to my major. In my first eight hours volunteering, I helped with the maintenance of display aircraft and helped give tours. I spent the remaining 12 hours working in the EC-121 Constellation, a radar aircraft developed by Lockheed Martin in the 1950s. It patrolled the West Coast of the United Starts nonstop for 24 years and was the first national defense system devised before satellite monitoring took over. I helped retrieve a phone that was dropped in the cockpit by a school teacher, installed a flashing beacon light on the bottom of the plane, and helped show museum guests around the inside of it. One of the biggest affects spending time at the museum had on me was the inspiration to do something worthwhile with my career. Nearly all the volunteers there were Air Force Veterans or engineers who just wanted to spend time giving to the museum and truly love airplanes. I got to talk to, among many others, an aerospace engineer that worked at Boeing, an engineer who worked at Lockheed Martin, a retired Air Force pilot who flew the A-10 Warthog, and an elevator repair man who spent 31 years in the business after being a pilot for four years. The museum represents so much time and hard work by many people over many decades and preserves the history of aerospace engineering."

                                                             - Erik Braun

                                                               4th Year Mechanical Engineer Major