Prestigious Scholarships

The Rhodes Scholarship supports graduate study at the University of Oxford.

Prestigious Scholarships

UHP students are encouraged to pursue prestigious scholarships both during their undergraduate careers, and for study after graduation.  UC Davis has a dedicated prestigious scholarships advisor who welcomes your interest, and will support you through the application process.

Scholarships for undergraduates such as the Goldwater, Udall, and Truman are national indicators of high achievement and provide students with significant financial awards, while scholarships for graduate students including the Rhodes, Marshall, Churchill, and Gates-Cambridge open doors to graduate study in the UK and bring lifelong prestige.  

The Prestigious Scholarships Office provides detailed information on the scholarships and their application processes: 

  • National - The programs listed in this section primarily cover studies in the U.S. They include scholarships for undergraduates as well as students looking to go to graduate school.
  • International - The opportunties in this section involve studying in a particular country or institution outside of the U.S. They are mostly for students who are interested in going to graduate school abroad. The Boren Scholarship is the only exception.  It is for both undergraduates and graduate studies.

For information or to apply, please contact

Scott Palmer, Prestigious Scholarships Advisor
Phone: (530) 752-9272