Transfer Students

UHP Transfer Student Lindsey Black Makes the Most of her Aggie Experience

Lindsey Black

Lindsey Black earned her GED and attended Santa Monica Community College while working as an actress in L.A. She was admitted to UC Davis as a transfer Regents Scholar in Fall 2011. Lindsey graduated with honors in 2013, completing and honors thesis and even doing research in Washington, DC. How did she do it?

All incoming Regents Scholars are invited to join the UHP, and a select group of transfer students with a GPA of 3.50 or above will be invited to apply.

The UHP can be a great benefit to transfer students, giving you a community of dedicated, high-achieving colleagues; access to faculty and smaller classes; and supportive counselors to guide you through your years as an Aggie. You also receive priority registration and extended library privileges.

While participating in the UHP earns you transcript notation, to graduate with honors, you MUST complete your departmental honors program. These programs have various application and completion requirements and deadlines.

Transfer students interested in completing departmental honors are advised to contact their departmental offices as soon as possible to inquire about deadlines and requirements.

The UHP Transfer Curriculum

The UHP curriculum for transfer students is designed to introduce students to UC Davis resources and opportunities, while giving them the flexibility to pursue their academic and career interests. The first year that Transfer students spend at Davis they participate in an introductory seminar in their first quarter and then can choose from a variety of opportunities for the remaining two quarters. The second year requirement for UHP Transfer students is to complete a capstone project that best fits their academic interests. Students who want to pursue departmental honors must contact their department to find out requirements and deadlines.


Transfer Student Honors Curriculum

Complete the Understanding the Research University Transfer Seminar in Fall, and one from the list below in both Winter and Spring





Understanding the

Research University

Transfer Seminar

Capstone Experience

In their second year, all Honors transfer students complete one of four capstone experiences



1. How do I apply to the University Honors Program?

Admission to the University Honors Program is by invitation only. All Regents Scholars are automatically accepted into UHP; additional high-achieving students may also be admitted. You need to accept admittance into the program via the MyAdmissions website by June 1st. There is no application process.

2. How do I find out more about UHP?

UHP will hold an information session on Transfer Decision Day, May 13, 2016. We invite you to attend and learn about the opportunities available to you. There will be a panel of UHP transfer student to answer any questions you may have.

3. When will I be notified of my admission into UHP?

You will be notified in the UC Davis admission e-mail and packet you receive by late-April or early-May.