University Honors Program Curriculum

UHP Curriculum 

All UHP courses taken must be taken for a letter grade & earn at least a ‘C-’ 

GPA Goals: minimum of 3.25 to continue to Year 2; minimum of 3.5 to continue to Year 3

Fall Quarter

Winter Quarter

Spring Quarter

Year 1

One UHP course

One UHP course

One UHP course

Year 2

One UHP course

One UHP course

One UHP course

Year 3 Activities do not need to follow a Fall-Winter-Spring timeline, can do earlier!

Required Course

Service Activity

Project Activity (5 options)

Year 3

Research Preparation, Conduct & Communication Course (two options: Natural Science & Engineering or Social Sciences & Humanities, 1-unit course)

Community Service

Minimum of 20 hours, do any time by the end of Year 3, must be a volunteer experience (non-paid, non-unit earning)

Honors Contract

 Individually Designed Project

Study Abroad

Washington Program

UHP Project Management Course

Capstone (select ONE of the below options, all take a minimum of 2 quarters)

Year 4

Honors Thesis in Major 

Honors Thesis through UHP

Senior Engineering Design Project 

Capstone Independent Project