University Honors Program Curriculum

Honors Academics 

The University Honors Program recruits and supports the highest achieving and highest potential students at the University, and provides them with challenging and enriching curricular and co-curricular experiences. The program supports honors sections of existing departmental courses, which are led by experienced, and ever increasingly, award winning faculty.

Students are currently required to maintain a 3.5 GPA to remain in the program, but after the first year are automatically granted an appeal to continue to the second year if they achieve a 3.25 GPA the first year. Additionally, students who had particularly challenging circumstances that do not meet the GPA requirement are allowed to appeal to remain in the program with the approval of the Director.

UHP Curriculum Overview

  • During UHP years 1 and 2, students are expected to take six honors courses, one per quarter
  • During UHP year 3, students are required to:
    • Fulfil an upper division UHP course requirement,
    • Participate in campus or community service, and
    • Complete a project
  • In UHP's 4th and final year, students will:
    • Complete a capstone thesis or project
    • Have presented at a conference

UHP 4 Year Curriculum

Year 1: A minimum of a 3.25 cumulative GPA is required to continue to Year 2.  Years 2, 3 & 4: A minimum of a 3.5 cumulative GPA is required to continue into the next year.  

All UHP Courses must be taken for a letter grade and earn at least a 'C-'

Fall Quarter

Winter Quarter

Spring Quarter

Year 1

One UHP course

One UHP course

One UHP course

Year 2

One UHP course

One UHP course

One UHP course

Year 3 Activities do not need to follow a Fall-Winter-Spring timeline

Required Course

Service Activity

Project Activity

Year 3

Research Prep Course 

(For continuing UHP students;

can be taken any quarter)

Transfer Seminar

(For transfer students;

offered only in Fall)

Community Service

(Minimum of 20 hours;

non-paid, non-unit earning)

Honors Contract

 Individually Designed Project

Study Abroad

Washington Program

UHP Project Management Course

(Counts for both Service & Project Requirements)

Year 4: Capstone (select one of the below options, all take a minimum of 2 quarters)

Students must also have presented at a conference by the end of their 4th year

Year 4

Honors Thesis (in Major or through UHP)

Senior Design Project (College of Enginnering)

Capstone Independent Project