For Faculty

Image of a faculty talking to students

Prof. James Housefield meets with new freshmen mentees.

Teaching in Honors:

The UHP seeks top faculty from all disciplines to teach honors courses.

UHP Courses may be taught onload (within your teaching load), or on overload. 

  • Onload- Teach the UHP course as part of your base teaching load
    • Department receives course buyout
    • “Held harmless” for student credit hour difference
    • Requires approval of department chair and dean
  • Overload- Does not impact base teaching load
    • Instructor receives $6,000 in unrestricted research funds

Offering a UHP course:

  • Any course that fulfills GE or major requirements can be offered as a UHP course
  • Courses are 3, 4, or 5 units
  • UHP courses are capped at 25 students
    • Exceptions:  Honors versions of courses that are typically high-enrollment (e.g., BIS 2A, ENG 17) have higher caps, specific to each course.
  • Courses are available only to UHP students
  • UHP staff works with departmental staff to create and schedule the course

Benefits of teaching a UHP course:

  • Design an innovative and interactive curriculum