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  Professional Staff

Picture of Dave Furlow

UHP Director and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Dave Furlow

Picture of Eddy Ruiz

UHP Associate Director

Eddy Ruiz
Specialty Advising

Picture of Heidi A Van Beek

UHP Assistant Director

Heidi van Beek
3rd & 4th Year Advising

La Sondra Irving

UHP Student Services Officer

La Sondra Irving 
1st & 2nd Year Advising

Elysia Frink

UHP Program Coordinator

Elysia Frink
(530) 752-5949

  Student Staff


Senior Project Manager

Raven Barbera
(530) 752-3225


Analytics Coordinator

Stephen Kwong
(530) 752-3225

Eric Thai

Communications Coordinator

Eric Thai
(530) 752-3225